On Earth As In Heaven

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Modern Issues

   These essays involve a number of topics and issues, much of which is deemed to be ideological. Of course, I don't believe that ideology and politics are religion-free, so I will comment on them. In fact, I approach these subjects based on Trinitarian considerations, not on electoral processes.

   This means that when I comment on these issues, I have in mind ancient Theological disputes between Eastern and Western Christianity, including the transcending of dialectics, such as the One vs. the Many, the People vs. the Person, the Collective vs. the Church, etc. My comments are based on if or not Trinitarian principles are followed as the first Christians taught. In some cases, this is not so clear, but it is directly or indirectly the goal of all my comments.

   If my secular views are conservative, let them be deemed as conservative in the ancient Christian sense of Monarchy.

-Rev. Andrew

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