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Recorded Broadcasts

***The following cassettes, down to cassette #15, are 2 hours in length and feature both Gaius Gromm and Aristobulus (Roger) Allen as hosts.***

Cassette #19 (contains broadcasts from April 6, 2003 and April 13, 2003):
---Side 1- Discusses the Life of St. Mary of Egypt, Part 1. The story of St. Mary of Egypt is played and then certain details of its meaning are analyzed. Also, a chant in English is played in part.
---Side 2- Discusses the Life of St. Mary of Egypt, Part 2. The story of St. Mary of Egypt is played to its finish and then certain lessons of this story are analyzed.

Cassette #18 (contains broadcasts from March 23, 2003 and March 30, 2003):
---Side 1- Discusses the conversion of Clark Carlton, once a Baptist Bible seminarian and now an Eastern Orthodox theologian and philosophy professor, through an interview with him. Certain analyses of Orthodox theology are also examined in comparison to Protestant theology. Also, various chants in English are played from Divine Liturgy.
---Side 2- Discusses comments made by Clark Carlton comparing Eastern Orthodox-Early Christian theology with Protestant types of theology. The story of St. John Klimakos, a famous monk and abbot of the 7th century, is presented. Also, various chants in Russian from the Divine Liturgy are played.

Cassette #17 (contains broadcasts from March 9, 2003 and March 16, 2003):
---Side 1- Discusses the meaning of Great Lent, the 40-day period before Easter. The Bible's and the Early Church's apostolic teachings on the mystical presence of Christ in our lives through fasting and other bodily prayers are analyzed in detail. The ancient Christian spirituality on this subject is also compared to modern Christianity's application and/or neglect of this apostolic tradition. The story of the 40 Martyrs of Sebasteia Lake in the early 4th century is presented. Also, a chant in Russian called "Psalm 140 for the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts" is played in its entirety.
---Side 2- Discusses the issue concerning faith and good deeds being the means for salvation. The Bible's and Early Christianity's doctrine that good works actually lead to salvation, along with faith and other virtues, is analyzed. New doctrines invented by Martin Luther and other Protestant reformers about faith alone being the cause of salvation is compared to the Bible and the Early Church. Two stories are presented- the story of the martyrdoms of Trophymos and Phalos in the 3rd century, as well as the story of St. Aristobulus, who was one of Jesus's 70 disciples, the brother of St. Barnabas, and companion of the Apostle Paul. Also, a chant in Serbian called "Lord, I Have Cried" is played in its entirety.

Cassette #16 (contains broadcasts from February 23, 2003 and March 2, 2003):
---Side 1- Discusses the Bible's concept of spirituality and how the Early Christians continued this mystical standard into modern times. The modern understanding and practice of spirituality is also analyzed and compared to the Apostolic standard. The story of St. Polycarp, a disciple of St. John the Apostle, is presented. Also, a chant in English called "Let Us Go Before, Oh Brethren" is played in its entirety.
---Side 2- Discusses the Ancient Jewish and Early Christian understanding of the Bible's mystical spirituality from the Prophets and Apostles. The relevance and eternal application of the ancient spirituality for modern times is stressed. The story of St. Agathon of the 4th century is presented, along with a brief discussion of how the Apostolic spirituality included doing good deeds and having a distrust of one's own opinions about one's own spirituality. A chant in English called "Kontakion to the Virgin of Light" is played in its entirety.

Cassette #15 (contains broadcasts from February 9, 2003 and February 16, 2003):
---Side 1- Discusses the Church of the Book of Acts according to the Early Christian record. The concepts of the liturgy and the Apostolic priesthood are focussed on. The story of St. Cyril and St. Methodius, two missionaries to east Europe 1100 years ago, is presented. Also, a Serbian chant called "A Hymn in Honor of St. Cyril and St. Methodius" is played in its entirety, along with an explanation of its story.
---Side 2- Discusses the Apostles' Council of Jerusalem in Acts 15 and what it meant to the Early Church as an apostolic Tradition to determine doctrinal teachings from the Holy Spirit, as well as what it means to modern Christians. The story of the monk, St. Maruph of the 4th century, and how his witness of the First and Second Ecumenical Councils presents personal realities of the Holy Spirit at work through the Church. A chant in English called "Oh Lord, Save Thy People" is played in its entirety.

***The following cassettes, from cassette #14 down to #1, are 1 hour and 30 minutes in length and feature Gaius Gromm as the host.***

Cassette #14 (contains broadcasts from January 26, 2003 and February 2, 2003):
---Side 1- Discusses basic meanings of Eastern Orthodoxy and the differences between it and most of modern Christianity in an interview with a new Eastern Orthodox convert from Catholicism and Protestantism. Unaired extra material: A continuation of the interview on the differences among ancient and modern Christian churches.
---Side 2- Discusses the Life of St. Anthony the Great, the famous 3rd-4th century founder of modern monasticism, from a biography written by a witness and friend, St. Athanasius. Unaired extra material: An interview commenting on the lessons of spiritual warfare presented in the story of St. Anthony the Great.

Cassette #13 (contains broadcasts from January 12, 2003 and January 19, 2003):
---Side 1- Discusses the spiritual differences between the Julian Calendar (Old Calendar) of the Early Church and the Gregorian Calendar (New Calendar) of much of modern Christianity. The mystical reasons for the Early Church's establishing the Julian Calendar are also presented. Unaired extra material: Observations about the Old and New Calendars from the Blessed Elder Philotheos and some commentary about them.
---Side 2- Discusses the teachings about the Acquisition of the Holy Spirit by St. Seraphim of Sarov as a running commentary with a chant in the background. Unaired extra material: More commentary about St. Seraphim's teachings about acquiring the Holy Spirit.

Cassette #12 (contains broadcasts from December 8, 2002 and December 15, 2002):
---Side 1- Discusses a few basic Eastern Orthodox beliefs, answering certain questions about them. What do Eastern Orthodox believe? What is the difference between Eastern Orthodoxy and Catholicism? Unaired extra material: A certain story about St. Nektarios of Aegina is read and commented on, explaining some more about how Eastern Orthodoxy perceives the spiritual world on earth.
---Side 2- Discusses a few basic Eastern Orthodox practices, answering certain questions about them. Do Eastern Orthodox use the Bible very much? Why do Eastern Orthodox call their priests "fathers"? Unaired extra material: Various quotes from the early Christians are analyzed, exploring how they used and understood the spiritual meaning of the title "Fathers".

Cassette #11 (contains broadcasts from November 24, 2002 and December 1, 2002):
---Side 1- Discusses the story of Father George Calciu, a Romanian priest who was jailed and tortured under the Communists for 16 years. The spiritual aspects of his persecution are focussed on. Unaired extra material: Spiritual insights into the importance of suffering as the best means of improving one's communion with the Lord.
---Side 2- Discusses the ancient Church as a running commentary with chants in the background. Unaired extra material: A few comments on chanting, as well as two old chants from Serbia.

Cassette #10 (contains broadcasts from November 10, 2002 and November 17, 2002):
---Side 1- Discusses the history of Jesus's family, especially His so-called brothers and sisters, from early Church reports and how modern Christianity has invented a totally contradictory tradition about them. Unaired extra material: Further elaborates on Jesus's family from the Bible and early Christian reports.
---Side 2- Discusses how the Holy Spirit does or does not guide individuals to correct Bible interpretations, with the Rapture being a good example of this phenomenon. Unaired extra material: An analysis on how acquiring the Holy Spirit according to its early Christian context, before asserting any modern Bible interpretations, is the apostolic method of biblical exegesis.

Cassette #9 (contains broadcasts from October 27, 2002 and November 3, 2002):
---Side 1- Discusses the word "apostolic" and how its original meaning in early Christianity has been distorted and shaped by modern Christians to apply to the denomination of one's choice. Unaired extra material: The idea that the Church has gone through a spiritual evolution from a primitive faith to a more correct awareness of apostolic doctrines is analyzed.
---Side 2- Discusses the profound quality of faith in early Christianity compared to modern Christianity's lazy gospel. Unaired extra material: Quotes from the Bible and early Christianity about the true apostolic spirituality are analyzed.

Cassette #8 (contains broadcasts from October 13, 2002 and October 20, 2002):
---Side 1- Discusses the supposed spiritual corruption of the early Church and the spiritual errors of modern Christian analyses of early Christianity. A caller asked what the difference is between human traditions and the apostolic Tradition. Unaired extra material: Further elaboration of false modern Christian assumptions about the early Church.
---Side 2- Discusses the Apocrypha as an example of modern Christianity's opposition to certain apostolic teachings in the early Church. Unaired extra material: Further information about the Apocrypha and its apostolic context in the early Church.

Cassette #7 (contains broadcasts from September 29, 2002 and October 6, 2002):
---Side 1- Discusses two stories of the actual Cross of Jesus, which was found in the 4th century and recaptured in the 7th century. The spiritual meanings of these events are also analyzed. Unaired extra material: Miracles associated with the wood of the Cross.
---Side 2- Discusses the existence of Truth and of the apostolic standard of Truth, which was recognized by the early Christians but distorted by modern churches. Unaired extra material: Early Christian quotes concerning the Truth and how it can be correctly discerned.

Cassette #6 (contains broadcasts from September 15, 2002 and September 22, 2002):
---Side 1- Discusses the biblical concept of righteous intolerance toward new and false doctrine. Correct and incorrect applications of this attitude are also analyzed according to the early Christian perspective. Unaired extra material: Stories about certain saints practicing the apostolic virtue of righteous intolerance.
---Side 2- Discusses the modern spiritual problem of Christian relativism, which allows for the constant emergence of new and different interpretations of Scripture. Unaired extra material: Further discussion of Christian relativism.

Cassette #5 (contains broadcasts from September 1, 2002 and September 8, 2002):
---Side 1- Discusses the history of the new testament Church, its connection with Eastern Orthodoxy, and how all modern churches have branched off from the original apostolic Church. Unaired extra material: A reading from a Coptic monk, with a little of my own commentary (not the same as cassette 4).
---Side 2- Discusses the early Christian concept of the Church, including the original meaning of the Church mentioned in the Nicene Creed of the 4th century. Unaired extra material: Another reading from the same Coptic monk, with a little of my own commentary (not the same as cassette 4).

Cassette #4 (contains broadcasts from August 18, 2002 and August 25, 2002):
---Side 1- Discusses the heavenly Church and the earthly Church as a single Church. A caller asks if Eastern Orthodoxy uses the Old Testament. A second caller compares the remarriage laws of Catholicism and of Eastern Orthodoxy. Unaired extra material: A reading from a Coptic monk, with a little of my own commentary (not the same as cassette 5).
---Side 2- Discusses divisions in Christian beliefs. A caller adds a few points about this subject. Unaired extra material: Another reading from the same Coptic monk, with a little of my own commentary (not the same as cassette 5).

Cassette #3 (contains broadcasts from August 4, 2002 and August 11, 2002):
---Side 1- Discusses Baptism of water and of Spirit as the means of initiating salvation and receiving grace from God in the soul and the body. The dual meanings of Baptism are analyzed from Scripture and the witnesses of early Christianity. Unaired extra material: A reading from St. Theophan the Recluse about the Orthodox doctrine of Baptism, along with a little commentary of my own.
---Side 2- Discusses the mystical meanings of the Bread and Wine of the Eucharist. Examines also the early Church ethic of the Eucharist being the actual Presence of Christ on earth for the sake of experiencing eternal life while in this present age. Unaired extra material: Stories of the Holy Spirit as the Eucharistic Fire, along with my own little explanations of this miracle from God which on occasion manifests during the consecration of the Eucharist.

Cassette #2 (contains broadcasts from July 21, 2002 and July 28, 2002):
---Side 1- Discusses Bible verses referring to invisible body parts and how these are treated as aspects of a relationship between an inner body and a physical body for each person. Unaired extra material: A reading from St. Theophan the Recluse concerning the soul's invisible appearance and its connection with the body.
---Side 2- Discusses the apostolic reasons for the use of rituals and sacred objects. Unaired extra material: Readings from St. Seraphim of Sarov concerning the active life and contemplative life, where rituals and good deeds ground the soul for later and higher spiritual levels.

Cassette #1 (contains broadcasts from July 7, 2002 and July 14, 2002):
---Side 1- Discusses the relevance of the phrase "on earth as it is in Heaven" in the Lord's Prayer, examining the ancient meaning and reasons for this phrase, as well as how it is the origin of my radio show's title- On Earth As In Heaven. Unaired extra material: A reading from St. Theophan the Recluse analyzing the ways to break down the sinful powers of the flesh in order for the spirit to master it in Christ.
---Side 2- Discusses the heavenly and earthly concepts of the priesthood, according to the Bible and ancient witnesses, how the priesthood is united in Christ, the apostles, and early church traditions, as well as having an eternal significance. Unaired extra material: Additional information about the priesthood from Scripture and apostolic Tradition, including why priests are called "fathers".

I pray that these cassettes will be of use in your God-seeking endeavors.