On Earth As In Heaven

The Place Where Early Christianity Continues

Spiritual Studies from the Perspective of the
World's Oldest Christian Church- Eastern Orthodoxy

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1360-AM in Nashville, TN, USA (with hopeful plans to resume it).

1. Basic Information on Eastern Orthodoxy:
Eastern Orthodox Beliefs and Non-Beliefs
The Discovery of True Orthodoxy
First Introduction to Eastern Orthodox Worship
Second Introduction to Eastern Orthodox Worship
Why the Rituals?
Radio Shows on Cassette

2. Questions, Answers, and Dialogues:
The Travels of the Apostles
The Differences Between Catholics and Eastern Orthodox
The Reasons Why the Catholic Bible is Rejected by Modern Churches
The Virgin Mary's Lifetime Virginity and Jesus's Siblings
Jesus's Sisters
Four Questions About Eastern Orthodoxy
Tongues and Holy Spirit Baptism in Church
Eastern Orthodox Holy Days
Communion Without a Church
The Early Christian Alliance of Church and State
Monasticism and its Place in Salvation
The Church, the State, and Monasticism
A Dialogue on the Church, the State, and Other Churches
Salvation by Faith or by Mature Faith
The Bible Alone vs. Tradition Alone
A Spiritual Journey to Eastern Orthodoxy
Biblical Spirituality
The Eucharist and Confession
The 8th and 9th Ecumenical Councils
The Scriptures Are Not Always Plain to Understand
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3. Apostolic and Early Church Texts:
The "Our Father' in Various Languages
The Didache- the Teaching of the 12 Apostles
The Epistle of Barnabas
Fragments of Papias
The Martyrdom of Polycarp
The Epistle of Mathetes to Diognetus
The Martyrdoms of Perpetua and Felicity
The Nicene Creed
St. John of Damascus- In Defense of Icons

4. Ancient Orthodox Wisdom:
The Life of St. Mary of Egypt
The Confession of St. Patrick
The Story of St. Seraphim of Sarov
St. Nilus the Myrrhstreamer on the Last Times
The Confession of Dositheus, Patriarch of Jerusalem
An Excerpt From Part II of The Way of a Pilgrim
1. A Homily for the 8th Sunday After Pentecost
2. A Homily for the 9th Sunday After Pentecost

5. Holy Tradition vs. the Bible Alone- A Series Refuting Protestant
Objections to Tradition:

1. Why a Series on Holy Tradition?
2. The Spiritual Problems of Rejecting Tradition
3. The Biblical Necessity of Tradition
4. Holy Tradition in Ancient Judaism
5. Traditions That are Found in the Bible! (A Protestant Article Rejecting Tradition)
6. An Orthodox Response to Protestant Charges
7. Protestant Oral Traditions
8. Man-Made Traditions.....From God!
9. Holy Tradition for Jesus and the Apostles
10. Three Supposed Proofs Against Tradition
11. The Eucharist and Holy Tradition
12. Holy Tradition in Early Christianity
13. Ancient Facts About Holy Tradition
14. The Meaning of 1 Corinthians 4:6
15. Traditions From God, Traditions From Men
16. Seven False Assumptions About Holy Tradition
17. The Difference Between True and False Traditions
18. The Equality of Scripture and Tradition
19. The Words of Jesus

*From Deacon John Whiteford-
1. Sola Scriptura- In the Vanity of Their Minds (Part 1)
2. Sola Scriptura- In the Vanity of Their Minds (Part 2)
3. Sola Scriptura- In the Vanity of Their Minds (Part 3)

6. Analytical Articles:
*From Ascension Monastery-
1. On the Baptism of Water & of the Spirit
2. On the Eucharist
3. On the Bible's Concept of Mystery

*From the Dormition Skete-
A Rebuttal of Roman Catholic Claims of the Superiority and Infallibility of the Pope

*From Fr. Seraphim Rose-
A Fakir's "Miracle" and the Prayer of Jesus

*From Fr. Zakariya of Egypt-
Egyptian Christian Grievances Against Islam
The Methods Used to Spread Islam

*From Fr. Viktor Potapov of St. John the Baptist Cathedral titled "Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy"-
(Heterodoxy refers to any church that is not quite heretical and yet is not fully Orthodox)
1. What is Orthodoxy?
2. Western Theology
3. The Western Church and the Culture of Rome
4. The Great Schism of 1054
5. The Filioque
6. The Veneration of the Mother of God
7. Original Sin
8. Super-erogatory Works
9. Purgatory and Indulgences
10. Primacy and the "Infallibility"of the Roman Pope
11. The Catholic Dogma of Doctrinal Development and the Problem of Ecclesiastical Authority
12. Differences in the Sacraments
13. The Spirituality of the Christian West and the Orthodox East
14. The Orthodox in the Eyes of the Vatican
15. Protestantism
16. Ecumenism

"I am the Vine, you are
the Branches."
*From Archimandrite Justin Popovich-
1. How to Read the Bible
2. How to Read the Holy Fathers
3. How Not to Read the Holy Fathers

*From Fr. Alexy Young-
1. The Holy Fathers - the Early Church and the Bible
2. The Holy Fathers

*From Lay-Brother Michael-
Significant Councils of Eastern Christianity
A List of Orthodox Ecumenical Councils
A Summary of the So-Called Photian Schism, Catholics vs. Orthodox
A Brief Chart Comparing Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Dogmas
Christology in the Seven Ecumenical Councils

*From Lay-Brother Moses-
1. If Truth Is Relative, What Is A Lie?
2. Fallen...But, Not Broken
3. Mystically Numb

*From Lay-Brother Aristobulus-
1. The Use of Incense in the New Testament
2. Eat His Flesh, Drink His Blood
3. The Rapture

*From Various Sources-
A Brief Description of the Heresies of the First Millennium
Christ as Personal Savior- A New Doctrine
Way Apart- What is the Difference Between Orthodoxy and Western Confessions?
Differences Between Orthodox Teaching on Salvation And That of Protestants
Why Orthodoxy is the True Faith
Excerpts from a Lecture on Eastern Orthodoxy
Has Something Gone Wrong With Spirituality?
A Call Against Abortion
Homily on Loving Others
Observations of China's Religions
(Alleged) Religious Freedom in Islam
The Muslim Art of Absurdity
God and Allah are Not the Same Deity
The Dysfunction of Islam
What Really is Islam?
Ghosts, UFO's, and Jesus
1. Observations of Moral Relativism
2. An E-Mail Complaint About the Article- "Observations of Moral Relativism"
The Meaning of Halloween
Halloween and Politics- The Hate-Religion Party
A Brief Spiritual History of the Early Church
Evolution is....Effectively Impossible

7. Other Christian Articles:
1. Ways to Deepen Your Prayer Life
2. Becoming a Listener in Prayer
3. Prayers From The Cross

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9. Other Christian Links:
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